Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pasta Endiablada!!!

Well today I decided to share one of my favorite recipes, and I believe that whoever can enjoy a spicy/creamy dish, will certainly love this. The origin of this recipe is unknown because my mom just happened to swap recipes with her hair-salon friends...I strongly believe it's a Mexican recipe though, my number one clue are the ingredients.
Ingredients (you can add other stuff to it, but this pasta by itself is good!)
*  5 or 4 Chiles (pasilla)
*  16oz sour cream
* Knorr (chicken flavored condiment, which can be replaced by chicken stock)
*Any type of pasta ...we do it with a 12 oz package of spaghetti from what I remember, but you can use angel hair pasta, or all good.
* olive oil
* You need a blender too...

First Step: I burn the chiles on the stove until they are black...
Step Two: ....then I cover them with plastic wrap, or even plastic bags from the market so that the burnt crust could peel off easier. Once the plastic shows signs of evaporation, I remove the plastic, and take out the seeds depending on how spicy I want it, then begin to gently scrape off the black flakes from the chiles. WARNING: Sometimes the pasta comes out really spicy even when you take out all the seeds, and the veins.
Third Step:Then I put the chiles in the blender along with 3/4 of the 16oz sour cream, a squirt of milk, and a teaspoon of Knorr. (why the milk you may ask? so it can blend easier. why didn't I tell you you needed milk? I forgot.)
After this you can add some more sour cream if you want to turn down the heat.
You probably know this step already, but in case you don' goes:
Step one: Set a big pot of water with a teaspoon of olive oil, and a teaspoon of knorr to boil. (Doesn't matter if it has to much water because you can pour it down the drain once the noodles are soft.)
Step Two: Once the water is boiling add all the pasta, and check on it 10-15 min later to see if its done.
You mix it together, it tastes good if you add chicken or shrimp to it too! Enjoy your spicy pasta....Thank you for reading...

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